I have 1.5 year time gap since I graduated from master degree (Jan 2020) and I am wondering if this could affect my current interview evolution? (Job interview).

All that time I was in the process for acquiring the certificate of proficiency in English as well as A2 certificate for German language. I was also practising on one programming language.

Furthermore, Covid-19 of course affected my job seeking due to many postponements and cancellations that I had.

  • It might have some effect and might need explaining. I doubt that it would lead to rejection of an otherwise strong application, particularly in these covid times. Oct 2 at 19:26

It won't make a lick of difference. No-one (except a spy agency) is going to care about a 1.5 year gap in the scheme of a potential career, all the more so if it was due to COVID interruption and was spent productively.

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