I am currently submitting a paper to ICLR. ICLR 2022 has a 9-page limit for the first submission but my paper has 14 pages under the official template. So I am trying to shrink it. Apart from doing some major refactoring, I have some following thoughts.

(1) The paper has many tables in the experiment section. So naturally, I would like to move some tables to the appendix and refer to them in the main text. (2) Meanwhile, I also want to move some paragraphs from the fairly long related work section to the appendix.

However, I am not an experienced researcher and I don't know whether this is a good practice.

  • I could totally imagine that if a reviewer reads a printed version (which doesn't have clickable links), it gonna be difficult for him to find certain tables which are many pages away in the appendix.
  • I haven't seen anyone write their related work section in the appendix.

I want to learn your opinions. Really Appreciated!


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