I obtained my Ph.D. degree last year and I work in the same department for several years. I like this workplace but I also think about applying for a postdoc position somewhere else. I don't intend to keep it a secret for too long at my current place but I also don't want to reveal it before I see my chances at the other university.

With my application, I need to provide contacts of peers who can recommend me, but I have only worked together with my current colleagues so far. Therefore proposing any of them would be an obvious sign of applying for a new job. I absolutely want to be fair, but I think I have the right to make attempts without any indication. What could be an appropriate solution for this problem?


What’s wrong with just talking to them about your plans, and asking them to be discreet about this until you make them public?

If they can’t respect that I doubt they will provide good peer references.

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