In the ScholarOne system (one of Taylor & Francis journals), the manuscript status is "Under Review". However, under the regular submission system, the status is "Decision Pending". Which of the two instances is correct?

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    How would it help you to know? It's pointless to obsess over submitted papers.
    – Arno
    Sep 12, 2021 at 20:18

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The paper I published recently was submitted through ScholarOne system, and based on my experience, after the review before editor's decision, the status remains under review. Recently, I learnt that the submission can also be done through the Taylor & Francis website, and there when the paper returns from review it shows decision pending (waiting for editorial decision), while in the Scholar One system it shows under review. I am experiencing the same thing. But what I understand is that the experts review is completed awaiting editor's decision. So the manuscript status "decision pending" and "under review" can be the same.

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