I am planning to submit a manuscript for a special issue in a journal. The guest editor puts a deadline for Confirmation of Intent. What does this mean? What the editor expects from the authors at this level? are there any samples of such thing?

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    The editor wants to know how many people are submitting for the special issue. All you need to do is say you'll be submitting, and perhaps the approximate length.
    – vadim123
    Feb 25, 2014 at 6:00

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As @vadim123 said in the comment, this is to estimate the size of the special issue. If it were too small, the journal may decide to:

  • make a very small special issue;
  • join special issues from two conferences into one;
  • cancel the special issue and propose acceptance of the paper through a standard process.

If the special issue is too large, they would typically make it into a supplement.

What should you do? Reply yes or no for your participation in the special issue, and if yes, then the estimated length, like: "We'll provide the full proofs while in the 10-page extended abstract there were obly sketches, it'll be circa 20 pages long." If they wanted more information, they would have asked for it explicitly.

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