I am working on a draft of a paper and I have large figure that does not fit into 1 page. I can split the figure into two, but I wonder what is the appropriate way of doing it.

Two ways that I consider:

  1. Split the figure but pretend it is one large figure. That is page 1 would have headings first half of the figure and page 2 would not have headings but caption underneath.

  2. Have the figure posted as two separate figures with both having separate headings and caption (would this make sense given I would essentially repeat the headings and captions?).

Is one of the two methods above more appropriate? Or is there a different way? Also, are there any good examples of published paper dealing with this problem?

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    It's more of a technical issue during the typesetting. The journal might have rules for this or the typesetter may handle this issue differently. In a similar situation, I did "Fig. 9: Evaluation, part 1" and "Fig. 10: Evaluation, part 2". Aug 9, 2021 at 11:13
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    I've seen Supp. Fig. X, part 1 ... up to part 4 or so, so one figure stretching multiple pages. But this is not very nice and I only saw it once in a supplement. In the main text, you should really think about a) do I need to show all of this and b) do I need to show it this way.
    – cheersmate
    Aug 9, 2021 at 11:49


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