Suppose student A did horrible in college but somehow managed to graduate. Also suppose Professor B did not like the student while he was in his class.

Is it generally considered awkward if student A (who is very successful now) attends his 10 year reunion and meets Professor B?

In other words, do professors hold grudges against former students even years later?

Assume that the school is very small (~3,000 students).

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    This is very specific to a person's personality. Also, some professors may not remember a student once a class is over. I hardly remember any of my coursework students. – Prof. Santa Claus Jul 22 at 4:39
  • @Prof. Santa Claus: Assume the school is very small (~ 3000 students in the USA). – Undergradgiy3323 Jul 22 at 4:42
  • I remember reading something similar in Ivar Giaver's autobiography. Student A did badly and somehow managed to graduate, then a couple of decades later wins the Nobel Prize. When he met professor B, it was awkward, because B was very nervous. – Allure Jul 22 at 4:55
  • @Undergradgiy3323, When you wrote "the student is very successful now". Do you mean to say he is successfully in the same academic area related to the class that the professor taught ? Or is he successful in a different business area ? – Job_September_2020 Jul 22 at 5:29
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    @Job_September: successful in both aspects you mentioned. – Undergradgiy3323 Jul 22 at 5:51

A professor is a human and may hold grudges for the wrongdoing or misconduct or something similar incurred because of a student. However, maturity is somewhat common in professors and they are likely to be flexible and very welcoming in seeing their old students. They may be happier by the reunion.

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