I have a research project concentrating on the long-term outcomes of using local medicinal plants among rural communities. I see many YT videos on this topic from many different cultures e.g. short interviews with rural households in Kenya. Being able to gather and highlight these experiences could make a great contribution to the research. But I am not sure whether public interviews on YT are considered as open-licensed or restricted. So any suggestion on this will be highly appreciated.

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    Sorry, but if I understand it correctly, it seems a terrible idea and a recipe for bad research: you would have no control at all on your sample.
    – Massimo Ortolano
    Jul 18 at 11:31
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    Agree with @MassimoOrtolano. What you are seeing is anecdotal at best and biased toward "usefulness" at worst. It also seems off-topic as it deals with the content of research. See: academia.stackexchange.com/help
    – Buffy
    Jul 18 at 11:55
  • But welcome to the site in any case.
    – Buffy
    Jul 18 at 11:58