I'm currently trying to start a bachelors in Germany as an international student. However, I have to decide between going to a normal university or a so-called Fachhochschule. According to what I have found, studying at a Fachhochschule is more job-oriented and practical instead of theoretical. So that's what I like more.

After finishing my bachelor, I would like to continue my studies in Canada or the USA. I am unsure, though, if I can continue with a masters or PhD in the USA with a bachelors degree from a Fachhochschule. Does anybody have any information or idea? Is the Fachhochschule degree valid in the USA or other countries like Canada?


From my personal experience both in the US and in Europe, a Fachhochschule will be seen as technical education and not equivalent to a Bachelors. I believe there is a now a route to convert your Fachhochschule degree to a Bachelors equivalent, but don't remember the details or if its true. Personally, if you are thinking about further education, I would go the Bachelors route, since the Fachhochschule will limit your further options.

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