I was invited despite never communicating with anyone in the committee, the email was not marked as spam though.

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    "Exploring the Innovations and Modern Break Through in the field of Physics." Can't tell if it's predatory or not, but it doesn't seem to put much effort into proofreading. Jul 1, 2021 at 18:28
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    I don't think I've ever seen a serious conference advertised where the venue is just "Brussels". What are you supposed to do, wander aimlessly around the city hoping to bump into other people that look like lost physicists?
    – avid
    Jul 1, 2021 at 18:33
  • I wonder if email was not marked as spam is a valid indicator. They want your money; this takes some effort. Jul 3, 2021 at 23:11

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This conference has many hallmarks of predatory conferences.

  1. Based on their webpage, the company is reportedly "running" at least 4 conferences on the same day in the same city with vastly different topics.
  2. Each reported attendee's biography is plagiarized from a top Google search result. To confirm, copy and paste the biography into Google.
  3. The abstract submission process does not detail any form of peer review.
  4. The image of the conference attendees is the same on each conference webpage.
  5. The domain of the conference organizer is registered to a proxy organization intended to obfuscate the true owner.
  6. Other sources on the internet have questioned conferences held by this organization.

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