I am trying to avoid academic dishonesty as far as possible. I have submitted a paper to a local journal and after getting published, I noticed that the editor-in-chief (who is also a professor in a university in my country) has added three of his papers in the citations. He did not even bother to reference them in the content of the paper. My topic is related to deep learning in plant disease and the references he added are related to radio transmission systems, deep learning in skin, and video quality streaming. At that time I let it go because to whom should I complain with him being the editor in chief of that journal? He did the same with other papers published in his journals and is still doing it. Should I ask the same person to withdraw my paper, though it has been a year since I got it published? Would it be considered misconduct on my part, if I do nothing?

Note Editor in chief has 85 citations in his top 12 most cited papers from the journal he managed.



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