I finished all my courses at my college as a math undegrad but I don't have my degree, because I haven't submitted my thesis. (It is necesarry to submit the thesis to get the degree.)

At my job, we did a research project, and I'm a coauthor. Everyone else has a master's degree or a PhD, but I don't. For example, my boss finished his courses in a math graduate program and he is writing himself as "John Smith, BMath". How should I write my scholar level?

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    Some PhD students who are just short of their dissertation write PhD (ABD) where ABD stands for "all but dissertation". Perhaps that's an option? Possibly a bit strange for an undergraduate degree.
    – Peter K.
    Jun 25 at 17:34
  • The entire title is about one-upmanship and basically devolves into appeal to authority since none of it says anything about the quality of the article. Jun 25 at 19:39

You haven't formally graduated yet, so you can't claim to have any degree. Whether or not you have published a research paper is irrelevant. Simply write "Ms Perez" or "Valeria Perez". If there is a short bio/contact section in the publication, you can include your current educational status there, e.g., "Valeria Perez, student, XY college, department of mathematics".

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