I have lived abroad and want to move to the US to pursue a BSc degree. I have no family there except for the sibling of my parent who lives in a far away state from where I wish to be.

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Your best chance is probably financial aid from the institution. You'll need to check the institutions you're interested in, but here's an example from the University of South Florida.

You can believe us when we say that we strive to make the USF experience as affordable as possible for students and their families. In 2018-19, USF awarded an estimated $504 million in financial aid.

Learn more about the types of aid available and how to apply below or visit USF’s Office of University Financial Aid and Scholarships for comprehensive financial aid information.


  • Grants: Money provided to students by the federal or state government or institution that is need based (you are not responsible for paying back).
  • Scholarships: Money provided to students based on academic performance or talent (e.g. athletics, music, etc.).
  • Loans: Money borrowed by you and/or your parents that must be paid back with interest. Loans may be awarded to you regardless of financial need.
  • Work Study: Need-based employment. Money is received bimonthly based upon hours worked in an on-campus job.

The good news is that, as a US citizen, you're eligible for more aid than international students. The bad news is, aid is competitive. Last I saw only a very few universities have the resources to offer entirely need-based financial aid, and of course admission to those universities is very competitive.

Good luck.

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