I am now attending (and presenting at) my first ever conference. I have already given the presentation of the paper. I received the following email:

Dear X,

your paper has been selected by the scientific committee as a nominee for the best short paper award.

Along with our congratulations, I would like to invite you for a 2-3 minute short pitch on the last day of the Conference. After the attendants voting, the results of the single winner will be announced on the final part of the Conference.

I have only a very vague idea of what a pitch is. And I am unsure what I am supposed to say/show.

Question 1: What should (and should not) be included in the pitch?

Question 2: Do you have any tips to maximize my chance for winning?

Question 3: Is this a common thing at conferences?

  • Re. question 1: Have you asked the person that sent you the message? – Jeroen Jun 10 at 14:47
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    Yes and I haven't got a response yet. – Jan Pisl Jun 10 at 14:55

Congratulations. This is a win for you even if you are not the eventual winner.

I can't answer your three questions explicitly, but have this advice.

Say you're thrilled and honored by the nomination.

Three minutes is a very short time. The audience won't know you or your work. So tell them what your paper is about (not necessarily what you discovered).

Practice once or twice with a timer. But don't try to memorize your talk.

Search elevator pitch.

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    Yes, "elevator pitch" is the way to think about this. :) – paul garrett Jun 10 at 18:53

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