I have an upcoming interview for an asst prof position in a university in Ireland. I am wondering what questions are asked in such interviews. I am used to the hiring process in the US. It will be my first time being interviewed for a university in Ireland. Thanks!


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I am a USA academic who interviewed unsuccessfully in Ireland (but successfully in Scotland). I was partially unsuccessful as I realized a few hours in that I did not want to work there but as they had flown me over I did not want to be unpolite and leave the interview.

Biggest Three Differences

  • I got to meet all the other applicants. We were in the same room and called one-by-one to do our presentations. I ended up really wanting another candidate to get the job.
  • Only one person on the panel was a faculty member (chair) in the department.
  • No dinner with faculty, not a tour of the town, no real contact with the department at all aside from the odd quick hello as we passed their offices.

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