Background: CS undergrad

I have 3 Letter Writers whom I have done in-depth research with (published, to-be published work). But I have not performed any coursework with any of them because 2 of them are outside my university and the 1 within my university is in a different department.

I have my "class advisor" whom I have done minimal research with and attended 4 of her courses (mostly programming and 1 Software Theory Class).

Question: Should I ask her to be my 4th Letter Writer?

Many applications say that they will allow a 4th letter but one needn't submit them. Hence the question.

Do LOR writers need to be someone who's taught you a class? I am aware of the similar question here but this is specifically in regards to the 4th letter writer for course work.

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If the fourth letter will strongly support your application and is from someone who can fairly judge your work, then it would be better to send it than not. But a lukewarm letter won't help you and might dilute stronger letters. You have to judge that.

The letter readers will be looking to make a prediction of success for accepted candidates.

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    – Academic
    May 19, 2021 at 2:34

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