I cannot think of an instance where I saw a figure inside a footnote in any published work, but in my specific case it seems appropriate to put one there. However, since this is a rather uncommon thing to do, I am not sure how to label the figure's caption. As @Alan Munn also pointed out in a comment to this answer, it seems odd to include it in the normal figure numbering, since - at least in the field of linguistics - numbering for examples etc. is separated from the main text.

As shown in the screenshot below, the figures in the main text are counted within chapters (Figure chapter.figure:), and examples in footnotes are numbered with the common lowercase roman numerals.
I will only add one or two lines to this note and its contents are a typical case for footnote examples, which is why I do not want to include it in the main text. Really the only odd thing is the additional figure showing the pitch of said example.

enter image description here

Are there any typographic/academic/editorial standards for this?

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I am not sure how to label [a figure that appears in a footnote]

Presumably the figure is relevant only to the footnote, otherwise it wouldn't appear in the footnote: Include the figure without numbering and without a caption, explain the figure in the footnote.

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