Among a tenure-track job in Asia, a teaching track in the U.S., and a postdoc in the U.S., I wonder which options would be better to pursue a tenure-track job in the U.S. eventually?

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    It matters what tenure track job in Asia. NUS is not equivalent to a third rate university in China. It also matters what field, and in particular what kind of university support you need for your research. Apr 6 '21 at 19:32
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    Yes, “Asia” is a big place, and US academia is also a big place. I think we need quite a lot more information to have a hope of saying anything useful.
    – Dan Romik
    Apr 6 '21 at 19:59

In many fields and countries, it's rare to get a tenure-track position right after a PhD. Generally speaking, if you want to go into tenure-track academia, a strong post-doc or two (or three depending on the field), with good publications is an asset, though it is also good to build up a teaching dossier. I suspect the post-doc would allow you to be a more productive researcher than a starting faculty in the short term, though tenure-track in China probably has other advantages.

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