Am new to writing research article. While I am following the guidelines here

Am I right to understand that whenever we refer to a source, we cite them in-text.

Let's say my paragraph has 100 lines.

I refer the source for the first time in L10. So, I write xxxx[superscript 1]

I refer the source again in L25... Should I again use the [superscript 1] here?

Basically, should we use in-text citation whenever I refer/mention about the source?

Or just in-text citation for just the 1st mention is enough (and we don't have to in-text cite the subsequent mentions)?

  • Bad writing style. A paragraph cannot have 100 lines.
    – user135405
    Apr 6 at 6:12

Yes, use again the same superscript as before.

Here is a random example from JAMA Network Open (this paper at p. 5). Note the repeated use of 1 or 24:


  • Thanks, upvoted and accepted
    – The Great
    Apr 6 at 10:03

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