I'm preparing my paper for submission to an IEEE conference. The style guide is here (zip file). Under equations, the conference style guide says: "you may use the solidus (/), the exp function, or appropriate exponents. Italicize Roman symbols for quantities and variables, but not Greek symbols." Then proceeds to give an example with \gamma which is a Greek letter. Does anyone know if Greek letters are allowed or not?

IEEE conference guide on equations


Of course you can use Greek letters.

But do not italicize them.

Here is an example of a random IEEE Conference paper that displays a formula in which Greek letters are not italicized, while other letters are:

enter image description here

Note that the psi (ψ) and pi (π) are not italicized, but t and e are.

  • Thanks, I've mis-interpreted. I've switched over to upgreek.
    – stevew
    Mar 29 '21 at 10:25

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