I'm preparing my paper for submission to an IEEE conference. The style guide is here (zip file). Under equations, the conference style guide says: "you may use the solidus (/), the exp function, or appropriate exponents. Italicize Roman symbols for quantities and variables, but not Greek symbols." Then proceeds to give an example with \gamma which is a Greek letter. Does anyone know if Greek letters are allowed or not?

IEEE conference guide on equations


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Of course you can use Greek letters.

But do not italicize them.

Here is an example of a random IEEE Conference paper that displays a formula in which Greek letters are not italicized, while other letters are:

enter image description here

Note that the psi (ψ) and pi (π) are not italicized, but t and e are.

  • Thanks, I've mis-interpreted. I've switched over to upgreek.
    – stevew
    Mar 29, 2021 at 10:25

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