I am asking a soft question. Consider the following.

enter image description here

I want to know if the above is written using any device. I want to write my notes like this. How to write like this? Are there any device?

Please help me. Thanking in advanced.

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    While this may be an expensive option, the best note taking device is the iPad. The cheapest version is a very good investment for someone who is serious about taking notes on an electronic device. You will also need to spend for the Apple Pencil. This image can be soft or hard copy, that is extremely hard to judge. You could also refer to YouTube videos for the apps which accompany the iPad writing. – Aymuos Mar 28 at 12:00
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    A much cheaper option than an iPad (and also if you want to avoid Apple products in general) would be a pen tablet such as those made by Wacom. These connect to your computer via USB or Bluetooth and provided you have a suitable piece of writing/drawing software, you can create notes like that. – astronat Mar 28 at 14:19

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