Yesterday I was offered to join Central European University (now situated in Vienna, Austria). The dream came true, and I was invited to get a MPA degree.

CEU Admissions Committee gave me a very generous tuition discount (more than 70%), but I still cannot afford this. It's too expensive for me and my home country - >3000 euro. I could afford this offer in case of selling all my properties. Obviously, I will not do it.

What are the possible ways to find additional financial support? What scholarships or grants options are available for Austria? What are the most suitable and reliable ways of receiving a funding for the non-EU resident?

  • Why not to ask CEU? – Alchimista Mar 27 at 9:58
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    Alchemista is right - the first point of contact for possible funding possibilities is the university you applied to. This is especially so in this case because that university is a private one, which possibly reduces the number of funding opportunities. They should, at the very least, have an overview of scholarships you can apply for. Sometimes universities have their own scholarship programs as well. – DCTLib Mar 27 at 10:01
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    I'll take a stab at an answer later. For the moment, please google "Studienbeihilfe". BTW, what's your nationality? Are you an EU citizen? – henning -- reinstate Monica Mar 27 at 10:38
  • @henning--reinstateMonica According to the OP's profile, their location is Moscow, Россия. – scaaahu Mar 27 at 10:57
  • @Alchimista it goes without saying that you are right. But today is Saturday which means that admissions office will not respond. I still have a nervous trembling after getting an offer. I want to find all possible opportunities as soon as possible because the offer respond deadline is in a week. – k1rgas Mar 27 at 16:39

Austria has an official agency for International students, called the OeAD, which, in turn, offers a database of possible funding sources for academic purposes at https://grants.at

Grants.at allows for a granular search. You can select your nationality, state that you are an incoming student, and choose the option of funding of a full study programme.

Here is an example screenshot if you are from Russia:

Grants.at screenshot of a granular search

Good luck (and congratulations on getting accepted at the CEU)!

  • Thank you, I will contact some of the funding organisations. – k1rgas Mar 27 at 16:41

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