I am a first year computer science PhD student in US. The department expects us to match with an advisor. However, there is no lab rotations or similar things. Due to COVID, I can't visit any faculty. I sent emails to various faculty of interest, and most of them did not reply. Some were at least nice to say that they don't have any capacity for new students. I talked with other students and most them say that they had the similar experience.

There are some extremely limited number of professors that are available or looking for students. I joined to some labs, but the research going on there is pretty dry. Other options are trying professors whose research is very remote to me. Should I apply again to some other schools, or leave the program, or continue with the current scenario? Is this the case for most of the US CS PhD programs? Because I don't believe that I will be successful if I continue with the options available.

  • Why did you start at this department in the first place? – astronat Mar 25 at 8:24

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