I have noticed one thing that whenever I submit a paper in arxiv on Friday, they keep "on hold" from Saturday to Sunday and then accept it later Monday or Tuesday. On the other hand, it happened that when I submit a paper during Monday, Tuesday etc, then process of submission becomes much faster. On Sunday and Saturday, the system seems to stop.

Thus: do the arxiv moderators not work on Sundays?

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    Grad student in disbelief: "Do some people really not work on weekends? How is that possible??" :D
    – Szabolcs
    Mar 22, 2021 at 14:14
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    You should assume that most business processes requiring human action will not occur over the weekend or on holidays in the country where the business is located. Even if the business is of substantial size and does have 24/7/365 support and action, it will still often have reduced capability during off-hours and/or off-days where customer interaction might be supplied by a second tier of support and not have available the more complete range of options available to the first tier of workers, who are usually working close to the normal business hours in the company's primary location.
    – Makyen
    Mar 22, 2021 at 23:49
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    Does this answer your question? Why does arXiv have a multi-day lag between submission and publication?
    – TripeHound
    Mar 23, 2021 at 15:05
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    @Szabolcs Felicitous remark, however, regarding the factual core, in other countries/traditions there might be no entirely work-free weekend or it might be other days than saturday and Christian sunday. Mar 23, 2021 at 20:20
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    @TripeHound, My purpose of asking the question was clearly different than the OP's purpose in the other question. The OP was asking the reason which I am not asking. I agree with you that the answers of one (either mine or OP's) question to some extent covers both questions but my question is different and we should let it as separate question without creating any confusion.
    – learner
    Mar 24, 2021 at 5:26

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Yes, arXiv staff are not working on weekends. They also do not work on major holidays in the USA.


The exact times when preprints go online depending on when they are submitted are documented in detail on the website. There is also this site showing the time until the next deadline.


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