I am researcher in computer science in India. Very recently I got an email stating that my work is great and they want me to review research papers.

I check about the journal. It is not SCI indexed journal (and it is a paid journal). Now I am not sure should I review a paper from such kind of journal. Will it be bad for my reputation?


They want your free labor. I doubt that there is a real person at the journal who thinks your work is great. I would say no, without even bothering to answer this spam request.

If they actually sent you a paper and it looked really interesting to you and worth your time, then you could consider saying yes.

Neither answer will affect your reputation in any significant way.

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    Hmmm. Actually all journals want the free labor of reviewers. A few can "pay" by sending an occasional book, though. – Buffy Mar 11 at 15:51
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    @Buffy True. But when you referee for respectable journals you are paid several ways: early looks at relevant papers, items in your annual faculty report, general professional advancement. – Ethan Bolker Mar 11 at 15:53
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    You don't only get an early look, but you set aside an afternoon to read the manuscript thoroughly. :-) Feels great afterwards. We do that far too rarely. – Karl Mar 11 at 17:47

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