Is it possible to have two corresponding author simultaneously in IEEE transactions?

If yes, is it possible to add one of the co-authors as the second corresponding author during the peer review?

(I am aware that this can be affected by the editor's policies, but I want to know the general rule, or to know if any case having the same experience exist who added the second corresponding author during the peer review)

  • @JonCuster: Somehow, thanks. but not completely. I want to know is it possible to add the second one during the peer review at any stages? – m123 Mar 10 at 18:21
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    that would be a question for the specific journal. – Jon Custer Mar 10 at 18:22
  • @JonCuster: I asked it for IEEE transations (signal processing community), as far as I know, they mostly follow the same rule as other transactions at these topics. I want to know if it had been possible at any IEEE transactions. – m123 Mar 10 at 18:25
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    Sure, but IEEE and Physical Review may easily have different policies. Ask your handling editor. – Jon Custer Mar 10 at 18:32
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    Why stop at two? Does your funding body or school allow for this? I know in some countries, the status as a corresponding author is worth something. However, I've not seen the second, third, etc. authors of these countries all claim to be the corresponding author. It would seem a logical thing to do if it's accepted. – Prof. Santa Claus Mar 11 at 5:33