I am trying to show the link on my citation as shown in the attached photo. I am getting every thing the same but without the blue highlighted.

My packages


\usepackage[colorlinks, citecolor = blue, urlcolor = blue, linkcolor = black]{hyperref}
\expandafter\let\csname equation*\endcsname=\relax % to fix some errors regarding asmath because it is not friendly with iopart publisher
\expandafter\let\csname endequation*\endcsname=\relax


My citation

  title={Impacts on air pollution and health by changing commuting from car to bicycle},
  author={Johansson, Christer and L{\"o}venheim, Boel and Schantz, Peter and Wahlgren, Lina and Almstr{\"o}m, Peter and Markstedt, Anders and Str{\"o}mgren, Magnus and Forsberg, Bertil and Sommar, Johan Nilsson},
  journal={Science of the total environment},

enter image description here

  • Hello! I think this question might be more suitable for tex.stackexchange.com. – Jonas Schwarz Mar 10 at 11:15

Don't worry: the links will be appropriately formatted by the copy editor of IOP. The LaTeX class iopartis a very basic one which does not produce a result close to the final one.

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    This is true, but OP should probably include an url-field in the bibtex citation or no link will show up at all. – Anyon Mar 4 at 20:07

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