I was wondering if there is this "universal" program that generates a picture of a graph (you make), then exports it to SVG form. The SVG is because I want to export my whole project to PDF, so I need everything to be scalable vectors.

I was really curious how do people add different style of graphs, from regular "circles connected with lines/arrows" to graphs of automata like so (Apologies, I cannot make this picture view from the front as I don't have enough reputation):

Picture of Automata for example

My question is basically if there are some good (free) softwares to create graphs (any time of graph), so that it would look nice in a PDF, and not pixel-y.
Or do they make these on photoshop alone?
I was really trying hard to find some, the closest thing I found is XMIND which costs money for SVG, and on top of that, I did not see how to make this automata style. (The automata is just an example of a "bizarre" graph/image, but I really mean all styles)

Thank you very much!


In my experience, these kinds of pictures are usually created using the LaTeX package TiKZ. An example collection of what can be done with TiKZ and how is available here: https://texample.net/tikz/examples/

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    See also the associated package, pgfplots. One can also embed gnuplot code in that way, which can be more flexible in some cases. In general if you don't have a 'closed form' expression for your graph, you will need to use data files.
    – algae
    Feb 23 at 22:41

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