I need some guidance about how best to proceed about publishing my first book. Let me preface my questions to note that I am not a full-time academic, but at some point, I might transition back from being a practitioner to seeking a full-time academic role in the future.

I am preparing a book proposal in the urban studies arena for a "hot" topic that BOTH academics and practitioners are currently addressing. I have had some initial conversations about guidelines for submitting a proposal with acquisition editors of some high-tier university presses and the acquisition editors of some global commercial academic presses (e.g., Routledge). Both sets of acquisition editors have been supportive and have encouraged me to submit a proposal.

A few questions:

  1. Both sets of editors (commercial academic press and university press) allow for multiple submissions. So do I send them tailored proposals to each editor ON THE SAME DAY and wait out the process? (I understand that this is a dice roll).
  2. If I do that, what if one publisher comes in before another? I don't know what to do to wait the clock out.
  3. As this is my first book, and again I am not in a tenure track post but some later go back to apply for tenure track positions, is there any advantage/disadvantage with publishing with Routledge (who publishes tons - some of high quality, some not) in the urban field) versus a university press ? I don't know what the distribution would look like for either, but I am aiming for overall impact in the research community. (I used Google Scholar to gauge hits on books that are published by both presses - mixed results - and I used WorldCat to gauge the number of libraries that carry particular books of interest - again mixed results)
  4. I am publishing as I do have something worth saying (or so I hope) and I am not publishing to get my name out there (or to impress my family and non-academic friends).

Advice would surely be appreciated. I am thinking of sending out the proposal(s), depending on what I learn from everyone, sometime in early spring.

Thanks to all in advance.