I submitted my paper two months ago to an Inderscience journal. Well, this is my first experience with Inderscience publisher, so while checking my paper updates, I can not understand the meaning of “Peer-Review Process” information in the track section.

Image of the track section

Is there anyone familiar with Inderscience who can explain to me this information :

-Are those 4 reviewers already begin reviewing? Or they did not yet accept to review the paper?

-Why there is no Reviewer 1 or 3?

-What is the meaning of the three columns in front of each reviewer?

-What is the significance of (Under review) in green colour?

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    Not sure how reliable this information is, but at ResearchGate someone writes the following: Green means that the review request was accepted already. The black ones (#2, #4 and #5) have not yet accepted the review request. I would infer from that that #1 and #3 have declined the request to review.
    – anpami
    Feb 8, 2021 at 13:59


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