I'm trying to perform a specific query on Scopus. To be precise, I am looking for books from Wiley that are related to real time systems.

Maybe I did a mistake because there aren't results. The query I tried is:

DOCTYPE(bk) EDITOR(wiley) KEY(real time systems)

Could you tell me how to do it please?

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The EDITOR()-field searches for editors, i.e. (usually) human individuals who edit a volume.

You are looking, instead, for a book's publisher. The correct field would thus be labelled BOOKPUB().

With the following query, I find 8 results:

DOCTYPE ( "bk" ) AND BOOKPUB ( "Wiley" ) AND KEY ( "real time systems" )

(Note that I added the operator AND between each field as well as quotation marks within the parentheses.)

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