I have a Zoom paid account ("Pro") and from googling it seems that the polling option should be available to me.

However when I start a meeting I do not seem to see the option to start a poll. Any clue what I may be doing wrong? Do other see the polling option in free / paid zoom versions?

And in Settings for my account I do See that the Meeting Polls option is already enabled (screenshot below).

Not sure what I am doing wrong!

The use case is that I wanted to ask live questions during my lecture to gauge whether students have understood a concept.

enter image description here


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I had the same problem once. It worked for me once I had a poll prepared in advance (in the Zoom web portal before the meeting starts).

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    This was it! Thanks! A bit silly that they won't allow you to create it on the fly via the zoom app. Jan 10, 2021 at 9:18

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