Due to the pandemic, many UK universities have expanded opportunities for people to potentially earn a UK degree without leaving the US. I see several types of programs listed. All say they require "3 units", requiring one year of study:

  • Undergraduate certificate
  • Undergraduate diploma
  • Undergraduate advanced diploma
  • Postgraduate certificate
  • Postgraduate diploma

How do these translate to the US? Is a "undergraduate diploma" considered equal to a "bachelor's degree"?


The different levels of UK higher education conform to the internationally agreed Bologna Process and the corresponding levels can be read in the regulators documentation.

An undergraduate certificate is one year (the fresher's year) of a three year Bachelor degree and also known as level 4 study.

An undergraduate diploma is the first and second years (freshers plus sophomore) or level 4 + 5.

The others also map to the same thing. An advanced diploma is usually at diploma level but more advanced material (perhaps a professional qualification).

Postgraduate certificate would be the first trimester of a Masters degree (i.e. 1/3rd) Postgraduate diplomas would be a Masters without a completed dissertation.

  • In your third paragraph, do you mean "the first two years", rather than "the second two years"? Jan 8 at 15:26
  • Thanks, Brian. Although they weren't on OP's list, something else that's worth pointing out (because of the potential confusion) is that a foundation degree is a level 5 qualification, but a foundation year is a course of education at level 3. Jan 8 at 15:56

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