When writing a paper and adding an errata list (spelling out some mistakes that were made in previous versions of the paper), should that list contain the same meta-information as other pages, i.e. header and footer text and a page number? (If it's relevant, I am using APA for this paper but cannot find any information on the subject.) Additionally, should it be included in a table of contents?

  1. Consult the APA Style manual, which you can probably check out of a library. The full manual is not available online, although I was able to find this information about lists. You may want to consider the guidelines for appendices, since this list sounds like an appendix (if it is long). This document from Walden University(pdf) describes how to format appendices using APA), but is mum on header and footer. I expect that you should include such information.

  2. Consult the recipient of your paper. If this paper is being written for a class, ask your instructor. If this paper is to be submitted to a journal or conference, then said journal or conference likely has detailed guidelines available for lists and appendices. If such information is not available, you should contact a member of the editorial staff.

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