I have an ESL student living in Mongolia. In two years she’s going to Uni and is eyeing up the German Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology.

Her aspiration is a degree in Engineering Economics. The difference at the GM Inst is that the degree is done in English.

At the same time she is considering to learn Korean (a neighbouring country - economically). I tried to put her off starting a new language at this stage, especially since she needs to get her English up to C1 to enroll.

From my perspective in the UK, this could be the wrong advice. Economic changes could actually make Korean more useful to her (even though I’m skeptical).

Her math and physics (the other requirements) seem to be sound. She’s only worried about language, really. She fears Mongolian and English might not be enough.

I have suggested she read relevant online articles in English but only professional articles are available and they are very difficult to understand.

She has two years to get ready. Her English Level is Intermediate. Does anyone have a few helpful suggestions/experience?