I was looking into getting an F32 started

Per below just how bad are you dinged for this. I wish to apply to a different lab and different field at the same university. I like my university plus I have a kid, house, and my spouse has a good job. I am settled. While there are other schools in the area, I like my target PI who is nice and well known in the field of interest. Like how many points would this be on a funding score 5, 10, 15?

Has anyone else faced a similar dilemma

Academia is hard enough without dumb rules of biases like this.

from the NRSA website

Q: I'm doing my postdoc at the university where I got my Ph.D., will I be at a disadvantage when I apply for a fellowship? Most likely, yes (snip)

Whatever you choose to do, be sure to explain, in your application, why you can't move. If you don't address the issue, reviewers will view this as a negative and it may impact your score. You should also emphasize the opportunities for new training. For example, if you're staying in the same department but you're planning to attend different journal clubs and to interact with a collaborator from a different department, say so.

  • Do you mean this:cancer.gov/grants-training/training/funding/f32? – Buffy yesterday
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    1) This question is too specific for this site. Very few of us are US-based biologists. Ask the relevant Program Officer, whom you can trust to give you a straight answer. 2) When you apply for a permanent job, there will be hundreds of applicants for each position. If you're not willing to move, your chances of a job will be very slim. You might be better off cutting your losses and going to industry now. – Alexander Woo yesterday
  • @Buffy Yes, post-doc fellowships. – TheCodeNovice yesterday
  • @AlexanderWoo would it make you feel better if I put a US tag on it? I do feel it is absurd that I cannot ask this question. I am well aware of the difficulties of tenure track positions but that is not the question I am posing here. – TheCodeNovice yesterday
  • @AlexanderWoo Uh, there are a bunch of US-based biologists here (at least biologist enough to rely on NIH as a substantial funder). More than many of the other country+field combos that get answers here. – Bryan Krause yesterday

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