I watch someone's live stream and they were cheating on their assignments for college (getting outside help from other people on personal assignment). Should I email their professor about this since they showed their professor's email on the stream?

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    If you make an accusation against someone, make very sure that you have the evidence to back it up. There are laws that apply in most places. It could be construed as defamation. – Buffy yesterday
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    @Buffy well I would make anoynomous report – pi a yesterday
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    I somehow have a pretty hard time imagining what happened, what was streamed and why you were watching the stream.. Anyway, do you have enough information to be sure that they cheated, i.e. were not allowed to get help from someone else during whatever assignment they did? Doesn't sound like you are following the same course, know the professor, or are somehow related to anything. – Mark yesterday
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    Assuming you have no connection to the student, professor, or university, this is pure opinion. – Anonymous Physicist yesterday

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