I have a Google Scholar profile where my conference papers are located. Google automatically added one, while I had to manually add another. See https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=ZveOfZYAAAAJ&hl=it

I'm also inventor for a few patents that appear on Google Patent. See https://patents.google.com/?inventor=alberto+soragna&language=ENGLISH

I wonder why Google does not show the patents automatically in my Scholar profile. I see several users that have both papers and patents there.

BTW since a couple of weeks I also have a personal website where I listed the above publications (patents included), as suggested by Google scholar guidelines.

Thank you


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"+" and "Add article groups" allowed me to add some of my patents including their citations. Nicole's suggestion ("Add article manually") misses citations, and "Add articles" seems not to find patents. Google's UI is not up to Google's usual standards here.

I also changed "Configure article updates" to "Don't automatically update my profile." I am pretty sure the patents I added had been in my profile previously, and most likely Google's "auto update" had deleted them.


If a patent or any other publication is missing from your Google scholar profile, go to your profile and click the + icon at the top of your list of publications and select "Add article manually". You'll get a popup with tabs across the top for various kinds of publications. Click "Patent" and fill in the details.

If Google lists a publication that's not yours (it happens!), click the checkbox next to it, then Delete.

  • Super helpful response; as per Ulrich's answer, the manual addition was needed for patents specifically.
    – shiri
    Commented Nov 28, 2023 at 1:28

Your patents published on 13 August and 3 September 2020, respectively. I suspect Google Scholar will automatically add them soon.

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