I am a maths masters student, and am looking to buy a tablet/writing pad device. I will primarily be using it for writing when collaborating with a group on a paper, giving lectures/talks, and online tutoring.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for something suitable (that can be purchased/shipped to the UK), ideally under £50. I would love something that is a decent size (at least 6x8 inch), and which has a screen on which you can see what you are writing.

A related question was closed as being off topic- as a 'shopping question', though I think that it was a perfectly valid. I don't know where else I could ask for advice for this; the students\lecturers that I know have something similar generally have high-end tablets or ipads that are out of my price range, and I am sure many users of this site have good suggestions.

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    Sorry, this forum isn't suitable for product recommendations, because they depend on individual preferences and are soon outdated. Commented Nov 5, 2020 at 20:32

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XP-Pen is a good off-name cheap brand. However £50 for a device with a 6x8 screen seems unrealistic, especially after the pandemic drove demand up. If budget is your main concern, the first thing I would cut is the screen. Getting used to a tablet without a screen takes some time, a bit like touch-typing, but once you do it it's not that bad and you can get some good deals.

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