I have read that many Doctor of Business Administration or PhD in Business Administration programs in the US tend to reject students who did not complete a master's program at an AACSB-accredited school. From checking the list, there are no AACSB programs in the country where I live and it seems that many other foreign students would similarly lack such opportunities.

  • Is this true only for American students or also of international students?
  • If I complete a non-AACSB-accredited program, how might this limit my opportunities for further study?
  • How could I demonstrate that a foreign program has sufficient quality?
  • This question is in reality 4 questions all of which would be excellent individual questions that would be a lot less localized and likely receive a lot more attention.
    – StrongBad
    Oct 26 '12 at 9:00

The best way to find out how important AACSB accreditation is is to ask some PhD in Business Administration programs. I doubt it is a hard and fast rule since most PhD programs do not need to maintain professional accreditation. I would be more worried about DBA programs since they may need to maintain AACSB accreditation.

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