My college is conducting exams online on their own portal that they built specifically for this purpose. Last week I gave a classtest and am shocked to see that I have been awarded 6/10 despite all my answers being correct (according to answer keys). Now theres no method to review the answers I selected. So I speculate the following things might have happened.

Firstly, the portal interface is a bit scrappy. For instance, suppose there is a multiple option based questions. For some reason, the system records an options even when I click on some part of the screen away from the option. This problem occurs when I try to scroll down using the scroll bar but if by mistake I click outside the scroll bar even slightly, the system records the option parallel to mouse pointer. Now this might have caused some inadvertent errors. Second case can be that the system has not recorded some answers for some reason.

What should I do? It's difficult to prove that the error has occurred due to system error and not because of I marking some incorrect option or leaving a question unattempted.


You are entitled to an explanation your score. I’d start by requesting this from the instructor, in writing. If the issue is not resolved, consider adding the board of examiners for advice

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