When citing an open letter, is it appropriate to cite all of the signatories as authors?

I would like to cite the following open letter: Dear Oprah Winfrey: 142 Writers Ask You to Reconsider American Dirt

The letter has 142 signatories. The byline says it is by "141 Writers" with no particular author name. So would I cite the author as "141 Writers" or would I cite it as though the signatories are the authors?

This particular paper is in APA but I would be interested in information about MLA as well in case it comes up, since I use MLA in the classes that I teach.


I got an answer from APA Style on twitter. They say to use the group name that appears in the byline, and make sure to capitalize "Writers".

Source: https://twitter.com/Zupancia/status/1309502673406881792

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