My advisor received an email from Nova Press if we were interested in publishing to one of their books and I was asked to summarize my dissertation for publication as a book chapter. They didn’t ask for any money explicitly but Wiki search shows that they are not very reliable. Is Nova Press a scam? Has anybody had any prior experience with them?

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It is a predatory publisher. Usually they will not ask for money, but the article will not be peer-reviewed, so it's an academic worthless publication, and you will never receive a copy of the book as promised. No academic institutions have these books in their libraries. Nova just sells it for bargain on their website. Avoid spending any minute on that. It's a scam and should be ignored.


I published a book on invitation from Nova.As per their royalty statements their sales are extremely poor.They do not appear to have right marketing skill.My effort and time were wasted by publishing with them.Their treatment of authors seems a bit rude.


You should pay enough attention to the transfer of copyright that they would probably ask for. To have a printed version of dissertation does not value enough to transfer that copyright and being obliged to pay hefty money the next time you want to have a second copy of your own dissertation.

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