I'm currently working on two research papers that I will send in a month to a peer-review journal, but I need to write my CV right now to apply for a job.

In my CV there are currently three sections:

  • Refereed Journal Articles
  • Refereed Conference Papers
  • Other scientific publication [where I've included some non-refereed publications]

In your opinion, what is the best title for a section about the two papers I'm currently working on, which are going to be submitted to peer-review journals soon, but are currently in progress?


Work in Progress is good and it is good to have such a section.

You can also annotate each paper title with the expected time to (or of) submission. "Submission expected in December 2020", for example.

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  • "Submission expected in December 2020" ... or perhaps even better, "can be ready to submit with approximately n weeks' full-time equivalent work", so that if your new employer delays submission by loading you up with non-research tasks, you're not the one who's over-promised and under-delivered. – Daniel Hatton Sep 14 at 19:58

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