I'm soon to be co-author for a paper and I'm not too sure which name I should use for publication (like many previous users here!). I have a legal Chinese name which no-one knows me by but is on official documents (passport, my soon-to-be degree certificaet), and my English name which is what everyone calls me and is in the email I use for my CV. Unfortunately both combinations of my legal and surnames are quite popular when I search them on Google (advice I saw given by others) so I'm at a bit of a lost here of what I should do!

I'd really appreciate any advice/thoughts here thank you !


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Whichever name you use on your email or, if applicable, professional membership to the journal. If a reader contacts NAME and gets a response from OTHER_NAME, it will be a bit jarring and perhaps cause them to wonder if they contacted the correct person. Similarly, if you are in the journal's system as NAME but your paper uses OTHER_NAME, then that will cause confusion.

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