Obviously, the purpose of this forum is to ask questions relating to academia, but I've been wondering how most professors would feel if they recognized that a post was about them (assuming that the content was neutral/unoffensive)? Would it be helpful to understand how the student was struggling (or just seeing their point of view) and make you more understanding toward a situation,for example, or would you be offended that they were posting it publicly?

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    Does this have to do with the professor you filed a complaint against or is this the new potential supervisor you reached out to. – GrayLiterature Aug 16 at 3:52
  • both/either, it was actually just more of a general question – Gemini Aug 16 at 3:54
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    This question may give more context to the post: academia.stackexchange.com/q/153672/72855 – Solar Mike Aug 16 at 5:27
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    If it was just one post, potentially a mix of awkwardness and compassion. If it was not just one post, but in fact a significant number, I would feel creeped out. Even more so if the person was consistently advised to seek professional help, and did not interact with such commenters. – lighthouse keeper Aug 16 at 5:50
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    I feel we can't give more advice on this and similar questions of yours, since they all in the last instance arise from your social anxiety and apparent mental health issues. Apposite answers would thus be off-topic. On-topic answers would not be apposite. – henning -- reinstate Monica Aug 16 at 7:24

Context is everything, and everybody will respond differently to how they are being discussed without their knowing. For example, suppose the prof you’ve filed a complaint against stumbles upon this forum and identifies that a significant number of your posts are about them. And, furthermore, that in spite of the community giving you sound advice, you keep pursuing questions in direct relation to them. Well, then they could view that as very unhealthy behaviour and keep their distance.

That professor could also see that you are struggling, perhaps understand a bit more, but at the same time, change absolutely nothing. It all depends on the person, what you’ve posted, and how they feel - there’s really no good answer to this question given that the answer is so context dependent.

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