I have been offered a teaching-oriented position in power electronics in a research-intensive university. It is not a tenure-track position. It seems fine considering my career and age at this moment but in the long run, I would like to get involved in research and eventually get tenure-track positions. Therefore, I am wondering whether it is possible to do research from this kind of position. I will be grateful to you if you give some guidance with regards to this situation.


It's conceivable that such a position would leave you enough time and energy to pursue research at some level of intensity, but it's impossible to say in general; the answer will vary by country, research field, university, and specific position.

  • Find someone who holds (or has held) this type of position at this university and ask them. Advice from this source is likely to be more disinterested and well-informed than you will get from someone associated with the group offering the position.
  • If this is impossible, ask someone associated with the group offering the position.

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