Though originally a Québecker, I am soon to graduate in the United States with a bachelor's in Computer Information Systems, and a bachelor's in Graphic Design, from a college accredited by TRACS. I intend to pursue a master's related to informatics (not possible at my current college). I want to study in my home province because of the additional language and lower tuition fees.

Québec tends to be very specific with college requirements; I cannot apply until December, when I graduate, but was wondering whether I would be accepted easily, or whether this will be a nightmare. I checked l'UQÀM, for example, and their requirements state specific Québec degrees, or two years of applicable work experience with a trained background. Université Laval requires having completed equivalent training [to an undergraduate degree] according to the acceptance committee. These requirements are a little nebulous, as they could go either way.

I have contacted Université Laval previously, but they cannot be more specific before I apply. Was wondering whether anyone else has experience transferring in this way, or otherwise general advice for avoiding catch-up coursework.

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    It's worth noting for everyone that TRACS is not one of the traditional regional accreditation bodies in US higher education. It is one of the accreditation bodies recognized by the Department of Education, but many believe that the national accreditation bodies have laxer criteria for accreditation, to the extent that their degrees may not be recognized. – Alexander Woo Jul 12 at 20:41
  • There is no way of knowing without someone seeing the actual application file. The decision is likely done on a case by case basis. Expect make-up courses. – ZeroTheHero Jul 12 at 21:47

A US Bachelors degree generally would be accepted, but in your case, since your degree is from a TRACS accredited college, you may have a difficult time.

For my US university (and most US universities), the policy for domestic applicants for graduate studies states:

Students must have a bachelor’s degree from a college or university accredited by a regional accrediting association. If the degree is from a recognized but not regionally accredited institution, the application will be reviewed by the department and by the College of Graduate Studies.

TRACS is NOT a regional accrediting association. Without more details, it's not clear whether your college would qualify under the second sentence, but note that it already states further special review is necessary.

Given that your degree would not be recognized by most universities in the US (or at least not automatically), you will likely have a difficult time having your degree recognized in other countries.

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  • This does clarify, but IDK how much Québec cares about American accreditation. – Denis G. Labrecque Jul 13 at 2:22
  • @DenisG.Labrecque I think you're basically in a spot where you apply and hope they don't care (or don't notice) that you have a quite questionable US degree - that quality probably matters a lot more than whether your degree is from the US. – Bryan Krause Jul 13 at 3:11
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    They have to care about something, because in most US states it's perfectly legal for anyone to start Joe's College and start awarding degrees to anyone willing to pay $20. Of course no one will recognize degrees from Joe's College as meaning anything. – Alexander Woo Jul 13 at 3:39

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