It is nowadays pretty standard to have a DOI with every item-to-be-cited (papers, algorithms, data, etc.), and they are really useful for all kinds of purposes. Considering this, I am quite surprised to be unable to find DOIs for NeurIPS papers, especially considering that it is one of the major CS conferences... Is there a reason for this?

Related question: Why do some papers not have a DOI? The highest voted answer there relates to the time/cost required to obtain a DOI, both of which I would assume not to be an issue for NeurIPS...

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I work at Crossref (there are other DOI agencies too) and it looks like the proceedings used to be published by MIT Press and registered with Crossref as book chapters - see search results. But there isn't anything with us since 2007 so not sure whether the conference moved to a new publisher that isn't a Crossref member or something like that? I searched the ISBN database too but that doesn't help much. Probably best to ask the conference/organisation directly? Let me know if you find out!

  • NeurIPS seems to be publishing with Curran Associates (proceedings.com), which I have frankly never heard of. Curran seems to offering DOIs, but maybe NeurIPS is not taking them up on this offer?
    – xLeitix
    Aug 4, 2023 at 14:00

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